Matt’s forthcoming book Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career will be published by HarperCollins, the largest publisher in the world.

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“Hands down, the best military career transition guide I have ever encountered.  I wish I’d had this when I left the SEAL Teams. I would highly recommend this to every future veteran about to depart active duty as well as every veteran service organization aspiring to provide equivalent insight.”

Jon Sanchez, CEO Team Performance Institute


"Military veterans have the capacity to build extraordinarily successful civilian careers. But how do you get from here to there? This essential new book guides veterans through the challenges of transition and enables them to take command of their future."

Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You and Entrepreneurial You, and adjunct professor, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business


Mission Transition should be mandatory reading for all service members preparing for transition.  Louis brings unique expertise and knowledge of transition as a career officer and successful business leader to provide a comprehensive, step by step action plan for winning the game of transition.  No matter your specific circumstances, this no nonsense, straight talking, practical guide will help you maximize your opportunity.”

Doug McCormick, author of Family Inc.


Mission Transition is a ‘must read’ for anyone transitioning from the military to a civilian career!  Matt Louis has done a superb job researching and capturing the key challenges we see in today’s transitioning veterans, as well as offering thoughtful, pragmatic advice and the resources to guide them through it.  Community-based Veteran Collaboratives, Veteran Service Organizations, and employers should definitely consider the insights and tools offered within as they help veterans put their military experience to work in a new career.”

Dan Knowles, Army veteran, CEO of Tristate Veterans Community Alliance 


Mission Transition is the most comprehensive military to civilian career transition guide I’ve read in over a decade. Matt Louis did his homework and delivers not only a thorough how-to guide, but also shares many practical insights that apply both in and outside the military. I highly encourage service members to read and begin applying these insights as early as possible in their career.”

Brian Niswander, Air Force Veteran and Founder of


“This book is a must-read for anyone transitioning from military to civilian work and for ex-military looking to move up in their civilian career. It’s packed full of practical advice, helpful tools, checklists and examples, and lessons learned from those who’ve experienced triumph and disappointment in their personal journeys. It is meticulously researched and chock-full of additional resources that will help you be successful whatever your personal circumstances and needs. As an executive who has changed jobs several times and hired hundreds of people, I can’t recommend it enough.”

Tom Pettit, Executive Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Pentair


“What made you great in the military can amplify your rise as you cross the chasm to the civilian sector. Mission Transition – if you can check your ego - can be your seminal reference. As a protégé, I humbly sought the counsel of Medal of Honor winners, Distinguished West Point graduates, and titans of industry. As a mentor, I now admire mentees that are far out-stripping the advice I have provided; and I can say emphatically Mission Transition will be a dog-eared resource you consult many times. Matt Louis has provided a tome of timeless wisdom. Pick it up well in advance of your ETS!”

Anthony DeToto, shareholder Sentinel Trust, founder – a beachhead for funding veteran / vet spouse-led businesses, West Point Class of 1991


“As someone who is focused on the Veteran transition space, I would highly recommend this book to all transitioning service members regardless of your service, rank, or future career choice.  This book should definitely be in your rucksack well in advance of your actual transition out of the service. This resource brings together all important transition topics under one cover to expose you to the hidden challenges through all phases of transition and provides you with a clear roadmap to your next career.   This book is the ‘Rosetta Stone’ for transition – it allows you to understand a language that may seem foreign to you when transitioning.  When Mr. Louis says ‘do not skip this part’ – heed his advice, since he is getting ready to impart a very important nugget of advice which will be critical to your success during transition.  I wish that a resource like this was available when I separated from the service to help navigate the waters of transition.”

Harris Morris, Senior Director, Veterans Initiatives at ADP, Lieutenant Colonel (R), USMA Class of 1991


Mission Transition is the Ranger Handbook on steroids for transitioning Veterans! It guides you step-by-step on how to take command of your future. As a Veteran that chose an unordinary career in fashion and entrepreneurship after service, Mission Transition clearly outlines how Veterans can land their “dream job”, whether conventional or not, outside of the military. This book will help you find your next mission in life!”

ASHLEY DELLAVALLE JUNG, Co-Founder + Chief Creative Officer | Stella Valle


“After reading Mission Transition, WOW! is the prevailing thought in my mind.  As someone who made this transition and has subsequently interviewed and hired hundreds of candidates over the past twenty years, I would highly recommend this comprehensive resource to both service members in transition and hiring managers alike.  Matt Louis has his finger on the pulse of THE critical issues and lays out the path from A to Z for a successful and rewarding transition.”

Todd Liddell, Army Veteran, Regional Manager, Pfizer Inc.


"Mission Transition is a timely book for all veterans who face the daunting task of reintegration into civilian life. Whether you have served for three years or 30 years, the military experience is one that is formative and life-changing. The perspectives and techniques outlined in this book are extremely useful in navigating this transition".

Jamie Schleck, Army Veteran, Social Impact Investor and Entrepreneur


Mission Transition will prove to be the seminal work of its genre. Past generations of veterans have transitioned without its voluminous lessons, leading to the negative stereotypes that permeate most civilian minds today. Future generations of veterans that apply its insights will shift that paradigm to one of successfully thriving because of their experiences, not despite them. Anyone interested in effecting productive complex career change owes it to themselves and their families to exploit this invaluable tome.”

Larry Gildea, Navy Veteran and Bron Bacevich Award Winner


“I deal with the familial outcomes of the ultimate sacrifices that our military men and women make every day. I understand intimately the struggle that these families face with the absence of their loved one. That struggle usually involves making a career change, which tends to represent an unfamiliar and significant challenge. If there is a single reference that would enable these modern-day heroes to navigate these challenges, secure full-time employment, and find the support and care their families need after time in service, this is it. I recommend it to anyone undergoing a career change that comes from a military background.”

John Coogan, President, Folded Flag Foundation, US Army Veteran


Mission Transition can be a magical resource for any Veteran leaving military service.  Whether a service member is exploring how to build your network, or how to define career preferences, or how to acclimate to your new corporate culture, this book is full of great advice.  Veterans who leverage Mission Transition will get off to a great start and will be enabled to have an immediate impact in Corporate America.  Thanks Matt for helping Veterans make every transition a successful one!”

John Myers, Procter and Gamble Veterans and Reservist Network leader, USMA 1992


Mission Transition is one of the most useful and invaluable resources for that pivotal transition point from military service I have read in years.  Matt Louis’ style of presentation is clear, practical and very effective.   I highly recommend Mission Transition to all servicemembers wanting to succeed with their transition and thereafter, and to the military spouse who can gain comprehensive insights around the transition process for their spouse, as well as apply relative tools to their own career journey.  Bravo Matt!”

Elisa Basnight, Esq., Senior Executive Leader within the public and private sectors, Board of Directors, Military Family Advisory Network, West Point Class of 1991