Hiring Veterans

The definitive guide to hiring and retaining members of the military community by the foremost authority on the transition from military to civilian work-life.

Hiring Veterans: How to Leverage Military Talent for Organizational Growth is an award-winning practical guide for prospective employers that want to hire veterans. It addresses this primary question: How can employers better prepare for and employ transitioning service members to improve the productivity and competitiveness of their organizations? Click the image below for a digital sample of its content. 

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* 5 Stars - Maincrest Media, January 2024

* 5 Stars - Readers' Favorite, July 5, 2023

* 5 Stars - The Book Commentary, October 11, 2023

* 2024 Nonfiction Authors Association Gold Book Award

* 2024 Independent Press Book Award (How-to)

* 2023 American Writing Awards Winner - Business Sales

* 2023 American Writing Awards Finalist - Business General

* 2023 American Writing Awards Finalist - Business Management & Leadership

* 2023 American Book Fest Best Book Award Winner - Business Reference

* 2023 American Book Fest Best Book Award Finalist - Business General

* 2023 American Book Fest Best Book Award Finalist - Best New Nonfiction

* 2023 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Award Finalist - Military / War

* 2023 Goody Business Books Awards Winner - Self-Help / How-To

* 2023 Goody Business Books Awards Finalist - Leadership / HR & Employee Development

* 2024 Axiom Business Book Awards Bronze Medal - Business / HR / Employee Training

* 2023 Chanticleer International Harvey Chute Book Awards (Business & Enterprise Non-fiction, First Place)

* 2023 Incipere Awards (Self-Help / Personal Development, Third Place)

* 2024 Book Excellence Award Winner (Human Resources)

* 2024 BookFest Awards - First Place (Nonfiction, Business Labor)

* 2024 American Legacy Book Awards - Finalist (Best New Nonfiction)

* 2024 American Legacy Book Awards - Finalist (Business: General)

* 2024 American Legacy Book Awards - Finalist (Business: Reference)

* 2023 Chanticleer International Book Awards (Military & Front Line, Short-list)

* 2023 Global Book Awards Finalist - War & Military

* 2023 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Business Reference

* Amazon #1 New Release - Job Hunting, September 2023


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5-Stars! "In today’s rapidly changing world of business, organizations—both large and small—need an edge, not only to survive, but to thrive and come out ahead. Hiring Veterans: How To Leverage Military Talent for Organizational Growth by Matthew J. Louis offers business leaders an in-depth look at how to hire, train and retain military talent to do just that.

"In Hiring Veterans, Matthew J. Louis, a retired lieutenant colonel himself, shares the full breadth and depth of his experience on what it takes to build a qualified, trained, and dedicated talent pool of veterans. The book is structured into nine chapters with detailed appendices that offer a roadmap on the full process—from organizing a veteran support program, to identifying and recruiting candidates, to onboarding and training veterans, to measuring success and building on lessons learned—the book offers a wealth of information that acts as a step-by-step guide employers can use to implement a successful veteran hiring program.

"The book is engaging, methodical and incredibly well-researched. Seeking to dispel common myths and stereotypes against veterans in the workplace, the book does a wonderful job at highlighting why veterans make such great employees and uses important data and research findings to explain key points and support well-made arguments. A standout feature of the book is how it incorporates perspectives of all stakeholders involved—from the veteran, to their spouse, to the companies seeking to launch veteran support programs (for-profit, nonprofit, commercial), to the government, and more, the book highlights how hiring veterans can increase the productivity of an entire organization and, by extension, the entire economy.

"As a go-to coach for veterans and military spouses who has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, Louis pulls no punches. He pulls you in with stories, examples, and lessons that teach you exactly what you need to do to recruit and retain bright and talented members of the military, taking you by the hand to explain why it is so worthwhile for your company and our society as a whole. Through his down-to-earth, conversational writing style, it is clear that Louis is committed to helping others accomplish both personal and professional success without compromising the ability to live a balanced, rich life. His mission of empowering veterans to make a smooth transition to civilian life and obtain a job that brings them deep fulfillment is a testament to his admirable character.  The carefully nuanced, very pertinent, and experienced insights that Louis has captured are rarely covered and deeply value-adding, making this book a must read for leaders who want their employees to achieve their highest potential within their company.

"With game-changing insights and practical information, Hiring Veterans is a book that every organization should add to their toolbox."

Reviewed by Maincrest Media, January 2024

5-Stars! "Hiring Veterans: How To Leverage Military Talent for Organizational Growth is an inspiring and timely guide to recognizing and utilizing one of America's most valuable resources: veterans... Veterans bring skills and a proven track record that can't be found elsewhere, and they are brought into a company with a selection process that can include assessment, shadowing, and other training strategies... This ready and willing population could boost your productivity and profits. You don't have to run a big corporation to benefit. Small businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity to grow. Other issues addressed in this book include finding and recruiting veterans for your workforce, how to keep them once hired, how to access and implement the financial incentives that come with hiring veterans, and much more. Some of the skills veterans offer include leadership, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work in high-pressure situations. I like that this book is more than a theory. It's grounded in research, offers practical tips, contains real-world examples via case studies, and is a guide you can use today. Hiring Veterans is a must-read if you are looking for that competitive edge in business and community."

Reviewed By Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite, July 2023

"Hiring Veterans... makes an outstanding case for organizations to actively recruit and hire military veterans... In the opening chapters, Louis outlines the many ways in which veterans can enrich the functioning and profitability of an organization. He meticulously maps out a step-by-step plan to position potential employers to fully utilize military veterans’ skills and training while minimizing the potential culture shock that some veterans may feel upon entering the civilian workforce... Detailed appendixes contain a wealth of information regarding pre- and demobilization, sample job descriptions, government benefits, and more. Well written and extremely thorough, this book is a must-have for business collections."

Reviewed By Jennifer Michaelson for The Booklist, September 2023

5-Stars! "Hiring Veterans... is a unique book that addresses a specific need for employers. This book makes a strong case for taking advantage of men and women who have worn uniforms to boost productivity... Specifically written for employers...hiring veterans fresh from their military experience, this book provides a blueprint for identifying the right talent...to deliver quality and exceptional service, and building a culture that is inclusive... It is a valuable tool for hiring the best talent from the military community."

Reviewed By David Reyes for The Book Commentary, October 2023

"Hiring Veterans by Matthew J. Louis is just about the only reference you will need to successfully incorporate veterans as employees into your business... The book does an excellent job of explaining the differences between military culture and business culture. Furthermore, the programs and processes Mr. Louis describes can be applied not only to hiring veterans, but also to hiring non-veterans, because many of the suggestions and proven methods he describes seem to translate well to the general population of non-military job candidates. In addition to contrasting military culture with civilian culture, Hiring Veterans addresses the topic of governing regulations, as well as how to create, implement, and sustain veteran support programs within a business. It goes further, tackling setting expectations, identifying and recruiting candidates, interviewing them, implementing onboarding activities, and determining success measures. Examples and quotes from companies who have made a special effort to hire veterans are enlightening and useful. Visuals include charts, diagrams, and checklists, which can be adapted to a specific company’s situation. Whether you are a small business owner or a hiring manager in a larger corporation, Hiring Veterans is a valuable resource to use."

Reviewed By Patrica Walkow for Military Writers Society of America, May 2024

“We have made great strides in preparing servicemembers for careers after their time in uniform, but employers must also understand the veteran talent pool available and the unique skills and competencies our servicemembers bring to the workforce. This book helps give employers the practical tools they need to hire and retain our well-qualified veterans and fully utilize the skills they acquired while serving in the Armed Forces. From leadership and work ethic to managing diverse teams in high-stress environments, our veterans bring to the workforce capabilities that can ultimately prove invaluable to an organization.”

COL Brad Wenstrup, USAR, Member of Congress

“There is a ‘War for Talent’ in American businesses, and companies both big and small are looking directly to the military community to help fill their ranks with that talent. Matt’s second book on veteran hiring is laser-focused on those employers and is a must-read for any organization looking to build a ‘Veteran Ready’ hiring program. Every chapter is a home run complete with expertise, best practices, tips and more and is a blue-print for success. In today’s business environment, if you want to outperform your competitors, then hiring veterans and military spouses is a smart decision and Hiring Veterans is required reading.”

Adam L. Rocke, Colonel (USA Retired), Senior Director at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Hiring our Heroes

“In Hiring Veterans, Matt Louis provides compelling reasons for companies to hire veterans in their own self-interest, rather than as a sacrifice. He then lays out a step-by-step process for companies to not only hire veterans, but also support and retain veterans, to the benefit of both veteran employees and the organization. This book is an excellent resource for any company that wants to improve its own functioning by tapping into one of the greatest sources of talent our country has to offer, our nation’s veterans.”

Keith D. Renshaw, Ph.D.; Professor & Department Chair, Psychology; Director, Military, Veterans & Families Initiative, George Mason University

“Matching the skills and abilities of the modern military veteran to the needs of corporate America is a worthy challenge. In this book, Matt Louis shares a timely blueprint for the company looking to recruit and retain top military talent. He covers it all - from the why to the how, and outlines a path to success for the savvy company seeking to work with some of our nation's finest.”

Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, Academic Researcher | Storyteller | U.S. Marine Veteran

“It’s easy to find people who talk about why recruiting veterans makes sense or what being military-friendly means. By providing extensive research, actionable takeaways, and practical resources, Matt Louis goes further and outlines the all-important how. Hiring Veterans is a blueprint on how to welcome, support, and advance the military-connected community. It is a long-needed guidebook for employers that seek to become military-inclusive. This book delivers more than ideas. It’s a manual for making a lasting impact.”

Betsy Hubbard, Vice President, Programs, National Veterans Leadership Foundation

“America’s military veterans bring a host of skills, experiences, and expertise to the talent marketplace. But many employers have difficulty recognizing the unique characteristics of our veterans and more importantly, many simply do not know how to assess the value veterans can bring to a business. Matt Louis simplifies this dilemma in this easy-to-read yet exceedingly insightful book that erases the mystery of hiring those who have served all of us in the armed forces.”

Lieutenant General Guy C. Swan III, U.S. Army, Retired, Vice President of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), former Commanding General of United States Army North (Fifth Army), and West Point Class of 1976

“Matt Louis has done it again! His first book (Mission Transition) provided an in-depth Field Manual for transitioning service members to follow. This time he delivers a complete guide to help bridge the civil-military divide. This book is the most comprehensive how-to guide for organizations that intend to recruit and hire veteran talent. Matt’s insights are based upon his personal experience and extensive inputs from recognized experts across the veteran employment landscape. This resource should be standard issue for Human Resources and non-veteran hiring managers.”

Brian Niswander, Air Force veteran and Founder of Military-Transition.org

Hiring Veterans is a must-read for anyone involved in the hiring process at every company. It shows how to move from hiring veterans for diversity’s sake to recognizing the invaluable skill sets of veterans, to maximizing these skills to increase profitability and efficiency, and to creating an inclusive culture of high performance. My organization has realized tremendous growth because of Matt Louis’s guidance. Hiring Veterans can help yours realize the same.”

Harrison Bernstein - Founder and Executive Director, Soldiers To Sidelines

“I’ve been asked, ‘What can we do to recruit more military veterans to our company?’ My answer will now be, ‘Get this book!’ Hiring Veterans is definitely the most comprehensive resource available to corporate America to establish programs that successfully recruit and retain veterans. Its practical approach and step-by-step guide will jump-start organizations on this honorable and needed task.”

Alan Hill – Volunteer Coach, Eagle Group of MN Veterans

"It’s such a tour de force. Perfect time to focus on a very deserving group. Matt reminds us all of those who have the skills we need to keep the US competitive."

Patrica Tyre – University of Connecticut Faculty

“As a West Point grad, veteran, executive recruiter of 15 years and a career coach for three years who has helped thousands of transitioning veterans, I can vouch for two things: The talent of our graduates and the potential they hold for prospective employers, and the difficulties they face in successfully making the transition from the military. While these veterans certainly own a good share of the effort in making that transition a success, they tend to succeed better at organizations that attempt to meet them halfway in those efforts and carry through on that promise after they are employed. I strongly recommend Matt’s first book, Mission Transition, as the guide for the former; and I would encourage all employers to take advantage of this guide for the latter.”

Scott Leishman, West Point Class of 1977, Career Coach

“Our future all-volunteer force depends on the ability of our national economic contributors to understand, acknowledge, and articulate military experience as a critical component in achieving their strategic business goals and objectives. Younger generations need tangible evidence of career pathways stemming from military service, and who better to validate the value of service than employers committed to veteran talent. Matt Louis’s Hiring Veterans is the perfect guide to help employers create the framework to attract, hire, retain, and develop a sustainable pipeline of future organizational leaders matriculating from today’s military.”

Marnie Holder, Veteran Services Program Officer, National Veterans Memorial and Museum

“Having led the veteran hiring programs at multiple Fortune 100 companies, I can personally attest to the value of the process Matt has laid out in this book. If you or your business leaders seek to leverage the skills and abilities of this nation’s military service members, Hiring Veterans is your guide. The case studies here, of organizations both large and small, clearly demonstrate how leveraging a veteran talent-based strategy is a business imperative.”

Sean Passmore - Head of Military Talent Strategic Sourcing and Enterprise Military and Veteran Initiatives, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

“In a business climate where winning the war for talent is at the top of every CEO’s priority list, Matt Louis’s Hiring Veterans is an indispensable resource for every leader and human resource professional committed to fielding a winning team. With classic military precision, Matt provides the reader with a step-by-step program for attracting, training and retaining America’s veterans to maximize their impact on any business. It’s a great opportunity for companies and leaders to do well by doing good.”

 Doug McCormick, Managing Partner, HCI Equity Partners

Hiring Veterans is essential reading for anyone interested in improving their organization. Matt Louis has clearly articulated important steps, perspectives, and cultural dimensions that help guide readers without prior service on how to build a more inclusive environment that sets veterans and organizations up for success. As a follow up to his first book, Mission Transition, where he provides crucial content to help transitioning service members and veterans plan their civilian career, he again provides indispensable insights in a clear and thoughtful manner. Reading and putting this into practice will create a multiplier effect that strengthens your organization.”

Chris Kondo, Global Social Investment Strategist, 3M

Hiring Veterans is the must-read for any business owner, manager, recruiter, or human resources professional seeking amazing talent. Regardless of whether you are in need of one or hundreds, this amazing and well-organized blueprint to hiring success is a gift from a true expert and veteran. It truly is the one-stop-shop for hiring, onboarding, supporting, and leveraging the talents of our nation’s armed forces and their loved ones. Do yourself and your organization a favor by reading and sharing this gem. This pool of incredibly agile, diverse, and reliable talent is ready for a new mission; it’s now our duty to pay it forward.”

Chris Galy, SVP, Chief People Officer, Couchbase

“Matt Louis has delivered again. This book presents a well-articulated and accessible guide for business leaders to understand how to leverage the diversity and capabilities of our military veteran population in the civilian workforce.”

Dr. Kristin N. Saboe - Author of Military Veterans Employment: A Guide for the Data Driven Leader, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Army Veteran 

“Hiring Veterans is a well-thought-out guide to assisting non-veterans in the hiring process of such talent. As a retired executive spanning both industry and consulting, I witnessed first-hand the disconnect with civilians recognizing and appreciating the skills veterans possess. This book helps bridge the gap and helps companies recognize talent and experience that is readily transferable to our market economy.”

Kurt Babe, Retired Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting

“Given his background as a soldier and a business leader, Matt’s book provides all the reasons why companies should have a veteran hiring strategy – and the steps for how to go about it. Creating and sustaining a culture, while simultaneously finding people that fit the culture, challenges leaders every day as we try to take care of our employees, our customers, and grow our business. Veterans are a group of people who not only understand the value of culture, but they seek out organizations who are committed to creating positive cultures. No matter how many years a veteran spent in the military or the rank they achieved, they all learned that the way to successfully accomplish the mission is through working together as a team.”

Scott J. Zigmond, USMA ’88, Performance Services, Inc., Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Hiring Veterans provides the ‘secret decoder ring’ to tapping into a powerful reservoir of talent to help any company thrive and win. From the why to the how to the where, Matt Louis provides the recipe for success in harnessing vets to help any company in the war for talent. I only hope my competitors don’t read and implement the proven tactics in this book!”

Tom Pettit, COO of S&P500 company Generac Power Systems

“Matt Louis has written a great book for helping companies unlock veterans' potential. In today’s environment where getting an immediate impact from new-hires and then retaining them is critical, the framework Matt lays out is invaluable for business leaders. He provides ideas, tools, and examples to follow, from recruiting through onboarding and training. As someone who has implemented hiring programs, it is clear that the companies that take advantage of Hiring Veterans will get their new-hire veterans rapidly engaged and contributing, and the veterans who land in these companies will be empowered and have a high degree of satisfaction.”

Peter G. Fontana, USMA 91, High-Tech Industry Director of Engineering and Operations

Hiring Veterans is the perfect complement to Matt’s first book, which enabled veterans to navigate their transition and assimilation to the civilian workforce. Now, Matt brilliantly provides a complementary guide for U.S. employers to leverage veterans as a competitive advantage. His book is a valuable tool for enterprises of all types and sizes. He includes numerous options to employers, including proposals to leverage the veteran workforce to accomplish diversity and inclusion goals. Our nation has spent significant resources recruiting and developing veterans—we should not let that go to waste; instead, we should find opportunities to leverage those investments to create value for our organizations. Matt’s practical guide for employers is a must-read and a must-use!”

Jon Brickey, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Mastercard

“Our men and women in uniform that serve in the Armed Forces have been exposed to such dynamic change in technology, social dynamics in our society, and an incredible understanding of leadership to accomplish the mission over the past few decades. This has resulted in a rich and diverse talent pool that furthers national security by appropriate workplace placement in their second or third careers in life. Our veteran group of employees at BGI are 72% of our corporate workforce and their role of serving continues with tremendous impact. As CEO, I am constantly encouraging our hiring teams to put these highly skilled Americans into the right fit for corporate productivity, delivery excellence, and their own personal and professional growth. I am aware of the incredible upside of bringing veterans into the workplace. In Hiring Veterans, Matt Louis has created sound methods that are relevant to putting the pieces together. His expertise makes this a vital tool for executive and hiring leadership in every organization. His relevancy and understanding of the fit between the mature competencies veterans bring to the table and industry needs across the global enterprise is paramount to achieving the objective of keeping strength and talent in our workforce. Every corporate leader across this country should run to this source of information.”

Phil Dismukes, CEO and Founder, BGI LLC

“Successful corporations understand the value of inclusion and diversity. Veterans are a key component of a diverse corporate landscape; however, their experience is a language that is often misunderstood. Hiring Veterans is a translator to facilitate adding veterans to any organization. Recruiting, growing, and retaining veterans will deliver tremendous returns for any business willing to make the investment. Matt Louis has teed up the Why and the How to hit veteran talent home runs.”

Scott Williams, USMA ’91, LTC (USA Ret), Aerospace Executive

“Matt Louis has been serving our country since he entered the US Military Academy in 1987. I met him then, as I was two years ahead of him at West Point, and have watched him through his service in uniform and thereafter as a committed patriot who deeply cares for service members and their families. Matt’s writing, speaking, and working on behalf of those who have served our nation is exemplary, and the calling he feels to help them is sincere. This book is essential for veterans seeking employment in the corporate sector, but even more important for corporate leaders in need of skilled talent to compete in the global economy and 21st Century. I strongly endorse reading Hiring Veterans. Our country has an enormous reserve of talent from those who served in uniform and wish to continue delivering impact to organizations across all industries.”

Rob Holmes, Co-Founder, ForgeNow