Hiring Veterans on The Scuttlebutt Podcast

Thanks to Shaun Hall for hosting me once again on The Scuttlebutt Podcast to discuss my new book Hiring Veterans. Click below to see the show. Summary show notes:

“Where Matt Louis’s previous book MISSION TRANSITION focused on transitioning servicemen and women by giving them an essential career-change guide for avoiding false starts and making optimal career choices following active duty.

Matt’s new book HIRING VETERANS flips to the other side of the same coin and focuses on the organizations and companies hiring said veterans.

Every year, about a quarter of a million veterans leave the military – most of whom are unprepared for the transition. These service members have developed incredible leadership, problem-solving, and practical skills that are underutilized once they reach the civilian world, a detriment to both themselves and society.

HIRING VETERANS makes the clear case for the value of employing members of today’s military community. Veterans represent a real-time talent pool of experienced, trained, and dedicated professionals that, when properly harnessed, comprise an instant means of improving a company’s competitiveness and productivity. Case studies of organizations both large and small clearly demonstrate how leveraging a veteran talent-based strategy is a business imperative resulting in organizational growth.”

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