Updated List of Veteran Collaboratives!

The list of sufficiently robust veteran collaboratives around the country continues to grow. This is great news, as they can play an incredibly valuable role in ensuring the successful transition of veterans to local communities. Click on this link or the picture above for the updated list. “What is a veteran collaborative?” you ask. Well…

“Veteran collaboratives are private, non-profit organizations that exist to bring veterans, agencies, organizations, and community members together on a local basis in an atmosphere of mutual support to systemically solve issues that each could not address alone. Most of them offer support in areas such as employment, education, healthcare, housing, wellness, and family support. They exist in recognition of the fact that federal support for helping veterans effectively settle in local areas is lacking, and there is either (1) a lack of support resources in some communities or (2) an overabundance of support resources in some communities (referred to as the ‘sea of goodwill’), leading to confusion, apathy, and unsought support. When veterans in-process in the military, they do so through a military one-stop processing center that took care of all their needs: ID cards, benefits, housing, finance, transportation, travel, claims, etc. These in-processing centers did it all. Think of these veteran collaboratives as a veteran’s one-stop in-processing center in their new community. Ideally, collaboratives are some of the first resources veterans seek out in their local community.”

Source: “Excerpts from New Book Tentatively Titled ‘Hiring Veterans’”, Matthew J. Louis, accessed May 25, 2020, https://matthewjlouis.com/resources/excerpts-from-new-book-tentatively-titled-hiring-veterans/.


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Matthew Louis

Matt Louis is one of the nation’s leading experts in career transition for veterans and public service professionals. He coaches individuals on their transition efforts and advises employers on hiring programs designed to successfully assimilate these valuable talent pools. He is the author of the forthcoming HarperCollins book Mission Transition, a practical guide for veterans in transition and their employers.