POTUS Signs Veteran Suicide Bill into Law

On Oct.17, President Trump signed the Commander John Scott Hannon Veterans Mental Health Care Improvement Act of 2019 into law. As I explain in the interview below,  “Although that the headline is suicide, part of it sections speak to a grant of varying amounts, but up to three quarters of a million dollars over three to five year time period, that enables this nationwide network of veteran collaboratives to thrive to scale. And to act as that conduit to enable the warm hand-off from military to local communities all around the country. That’s the big win.”

I’m hopeful that these efforts, when coordinated, will finally begin making a dent in suicidal ideation in the post-9/11 veteran cohort, which has doubled over the past decade plus. As I state in the accompanying article, “I very much look forward to a day when veteran suicide rates are something that we don’t need to talk about. And that veteran talent is finding their ultimate end in full employment and career fields of their choosing.”

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Matthew Louis

Matt Louis is one of the nation’s leading experts in career transition for veterans and public service professionals. He coaches individuals on their transition efforts and advises employers on hiring programs designed to successfully assimilate these valuable talent pools. He is the author of the forthcoming HarperCollins book Mission Transition, a practical guide for veterans in transition and their employers.